Innovation consulting and training
Innovation consulting and training
Innovation consulting and training

Become a light shedder

Based upon real life, real problems, success cases and failure, Bright Path Innovation is wrapped in different packs for you to decide how it best fits your needs as an innovator. Practical and highly applicable.


Pick one of our programmes and get certified as an innovative light shedder. You will be able to run your own workshops, lead your teams through a brighter innovation path - toward profits - and utilise our IP and tools for your innovation endeavors.

The Headlight (Tier 1)


The Flashlight (Tier 2)


The LED Bulb (Tier A)


Get recognition and back-up



(Tier 2)

The Headlight innovative light shedder is an innovator ready to lead a programme, to provide a vision and to set priorities when running a novelty challenge.

A facilitator, able to build the right rapport with distinct members of an organisation and to generate healthy discussions around needs, possibilities and constrains.

This programme is based on the 'innovative 7' , base of the Hi-Board. The objective is to provide a clear and robust understanding of the crucial elements any innovative project will go through infront of multiple decision makers, so that all possibilities get gauged without getting any personal biased or interest.

The main focus is on the Hi-board. The Market's fit plate is scrutinised as a complement for the Hi-Board. 


Understand how to align your best ideas to your corporate strategy considering:

  1. - Your innovator type

  2. - Your core capabilities

  3. - Your Innovation portfolio

  4. - Your business model configuration

  5. - Your test and pilot choices and 

  6. - Your branding 

For Senior Managers and Directors or VP's, this programme runs over the course of one and a half days of interactive content, exciting dynamics and real cases to understand the tools by first hand


It includes:

  1. Business cases

  2. Videos

  3. Role playing

  4. Discussions


All our programmes inlcude course materials.


Access the content online [too be launched soon]





(Tier 1)

The Flashlight innovative light shedder is an innovation specialist ready to undertake any innovation challenge from scratch. Able to train others with the best methods and to provide direct guidance to multifunctional groups of co-workers.

This programme presents two of the most liked tools developed around the Bright Path Innovation philosophy. The objective is to develop deep innovation expertise to provide the neccesary resources to help others innovate. The scope covers unearthing real unmet needs from consumers and gaining the deepest understanding of your organisation's odds for success on its innovation plans.


Organise and execute the innovation process within your company.

The main focus is on the innovation journey and the people making decisions around it. The programme contains the Hi-Board as the hinging mechanism - as in the headlight programme - plus the following tools:


  1. The Consumer Needs Diamond

  2. The Reverse Thinking Process

For innovation specialists, team leaders, innovation champions, independent consultants and post-graduate students the flashlight innovative light shedder programme runs over the course two days of interactive content, exciting dynamics and real cases to understand the tools by first hand


It includes:

  1. Business cases

  2. Videos

  3. Role playing

  4. Discussions

  5. Participant presentations


All our programmes include course materials


Access the content online [too be launched soon]


Get expertise, tools, methods and support


Lead, Engage and Develop!

The LED Bulb

(Tier A)

You and your consulting firm can join the troop of innovative light shedders as a LED bulb, able to shed light to an entire community of innovators. In a repeatedly and direct way.

We have made the whole content of our philosophy available under a friendly and cooperative licence scheme:


What you get:


  1. - Case studies, methodologies, specific tools, and outline of workshops. This is all our IP

  2. - Being part of our community of innovators who want to change the way innovation happens. This is a       collaborative group of professionals around the world sharing with each other experiences, learning and   ideas 

  3. - Support from us for your engagements whenever asked for it

  4. -  Your firm integrated in our communication and spread efforts, as one of us.


       Continuing on our intention to advance and change the way innovation happens as a community, our terms are friendly and reasonable.


You will get all this for:

One symbolic initial licence fee, which includes your own training and further development of resources (ok, is almost symbolic!)

An annual royalty fee. A % of your revenue. - To be defined by case