Innovation Tools

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BPI is comprised by these tools. Use them together to have a robust understanding of what you need to do in order to innovate successfully, or utilise each of them individually to complement studies or projects you might be on charge of. All together builds a comprehensive, clear and easy-to-communicate business case for your project. Master them all and shed light to your team, build your own Bright Path toward successful Innovation, leaving the obscurity behind.

Innovatoin tools
The Hi-Board




Design a clear roadmap for your innvation endeavours. Use it to understand the needs of an innovation project, to pitch ideas and build solid business cases to speak out the project.

Innovation training and tools
The Consumers' Needs Diamond


Understand the prizes your consumers want to get and the pains they pay as a trade-off when solving a problem. Analyse current offers and define the value you can offer to them


Innovation training and tools
The New Twisted Product Lifecycle

The problem never dies, it just mutates. Clearly visualise where is your industry going and in which lifecycle stage is your solution. Which one should you consider? Take the cycle you think you knew, and twist it!


The Market's Fit Plate



Once you have deployed your Hi-Board with information and "WWIBN's", analyse the market, what you know and what you don't know? Match them both, if your project shows a geometric match of these two tools, go for it!


Innovation training and tools
Innovation training and tools

Reverse Thinking Scheme



Think about it backwards. Analyse your problems starting from the goal, continue to understand how other achievements have happened and find and inter-industry solution.