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More of what innovators have said about BPI:


<< Excellent concept that should probably replace many of the books currently available on innovation and strategy >>

Marvin Stone

CFPB Program Manager


                 << BPI can make the diference from what

we have at the moment considering

innovation models. I'm impressed! >>


          Fernanda Yuriko da Silva

          Business Development at Apsen Farmacêutica

Innovation training
Innovation training


The headlight 

Illuminate your way from a high perspective. A programme for managers &  Directors

The Flashlight  

Become an expert and bring light to detailed plans and specific challenges.For Specialists and Consultants

The LED Bulb  

Offer reliable and constant brightness to your clients and community. License our methods and tools. For Consulting Firms 

Innovation training


Tune up 

Assess your innovative condition

How ready are you?

Aim Sighting 

Determine where can you point at and where you want to be. Overview - of high level aspirations

Path Brightening

Trace the path toward your aims, and shed light into the way

Detailed plan - step by step workplan

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Workshops and Keynotes 


Light Shedder

A bolt of enlightening reality.

We'll feature an innovative light shedder to share with us personal experiences

Case studies 

Research and analysis of cases from around the globe that can help us to better understan Innovation

Live the philosophy and shed light to your team 

Set up the right levels

for a winning innovation life


Knowledge & experiences