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The Consumers' Needs Diamond



A very useful tool to organise the ‘jobs-to-be-done’ of your intended target in a scrupulous and enlightening way. You know it, it’s not about what consumers want, but what they really need. - most of times- (check a great example here)


The diamond will guide you through a discovery-cycle to understand the prizes people are looking for from any given product - potentially your offer- and the pains consumers have to incur when trying to get these prizes.  That’s it.


The diamond takes you literally around these prizes and pains so that you can understand:


1. What are the jobs-to-be-done for the consumers. - What can you understand are the real deep needs?

2. What are the jobs-being-done right now. Which ones of those identified JTBD are actually being done by anyone?

3. Which ones of these JBD right now, you can IMPROVE? don’t stop to analyse if it would be worthy right now, just identify where could you provide an improvement. and finally,

4. Find out which JTBD are being neglected. Ideally -after so much work you have done- you will detect those JBN that you are ready to do for your consumers.


Through relevant research we have found out that breakthroughs generally follow a process understanding this.


Walk through this scheme. You will realise where are you fighting your battles. You have to be a field scouter to understand your position:


The dangerous war field? - if you are fighting for a slide on the Jobs Being Done right now you would be a diamonds warrior.

Maybe you are crafting your way up as a jeweller by ‘polishing’ what’s already there in order to make it better. - It has its rewards sometimes

Or you want to be at the source of it and be a miner? Mine your path to find the jobs being neglected, so that it can be you who provides the novelty.


For more, look at our case studies here.