Innovation Methods and Tools

Reverse Thinking Scheme


Find the Breaking Point



There is a shortcut to fight your problem’s complexity. Somebody else could have already soved something similar in a different industry. So start looking for these cases.



This scheme will guide you to focus your attention on the right issue. Bring that solution from a different industry to your own field and adapt it. It might save you time, pain and effort. It can enlighten your obfuscated tries.



  1. Determine the goal you are seeking out.

  2. Frame  your problem,

  3. Define its complexity,

  4. List the positive consequences if solving it - what would be the impact

  5. Identify what tools and means have been utilised to generate this positive impact. Look at any field of specialisation.


By this point you are close to get to the “Breaking Point”


  6. Choose the best - that which fits your problem the most -from box 4

  7Apply it to your field.


Several big problems have been solved following a similar approach.


For more, look at our case studies here.