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The Markets' Fit Plate


It doesn’t really matter if you can deploy the most effective methods to get any new project right. it is still a strength from the inside of corporations and innovation people.

What really matters is the unavoidable need to match your solution with the reality out there, in the market place.


The Market’s Fit Plate can support you to have an understanding of where are you standing on. It is called “plate” because this tool will denote a solid reference of the environment in which users are having their lives. These lives are shaped within a context, the market, which it’s vulnerable to industry trends, social beliefs, cultural legacies and technological waves. Legal restrictions also play a role.


Winner innovations are a good fit for all these aspects. And there is a timing element of course.

The Market’s Fit Plate is a visual guide for you to walk all these external aspects of your offer so that you can compare the real demandings of whatever problem you are trying to solve, and your actual offer.


The really interesting part of the tool, is that it’s designed under the same geometric principle of the Hi-Board, looking for symmetry between both of the tools.


Once you have filled in The Hi-Board, you proceed to analyse the externalities of your project, utilising the Market’s Fit Plate. The depiction of the information to be gathered in this tool, as on The Hi-Board, follows an “Obscure - Bright” analysis organised by the right and left sides of the tool, respectively. The plate considers the levels of usability, reachability, affordability and connectivity of your offer as well.


This way, you take your Market’s Fit Plate, and position it over the Hi-Board… if you see that the information contained on both tools, draws a similar shape, it means your product might be ready to face the challenges posed by the outside. If the shapes are quite different, a revision should be worthy.

Use it, follow it, and visually denote if you are ready for a launch, or an amendment.


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