Innovation consulting and training

The Hi-Board 

Holistic Innovation Board



The Hi-Board is the resume of your project. On it, you can show to all members involved in the decision making of your company, everything that will need to be true in order to make this project successful.


It is based on the understanding that, in order to innovate, you must root your efforts on one of three specific capabilities.


A. Consumer insights,

B. Organisational agility or process mastery, and

C. Technological prowess of high talent advantage.


Of course it could be one of these, or a combination of them.


So, what would it be needed to innovate successfully? understand all aspects of each one of the capabilities and spot out current strengths and weaknesses.


Additionally, once your innovation project is getting shape, you have to define the path towards profits. This is made up by 4 innovator supporters


  1. Portfolio Management

  2. Business Model Configuration

  3. Testing and Piloting

  4. Branding


Do you know how this particular project will challenge your company in each of these aspects?

Line it out and categorize the project under parameters you can define. Those range from simple but obscure - at the right side - to complex but shinny - at the left side.


As this can be the final document you can use to pitch out your project to the board of directors in a clear way, this can also be the starting point for any project around novelty.You will gauge the possibilities right out of it.


Use it to find the right path, ideally towards brightness, and shed light to the process with this practical tool


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