Level up your capability to make innovation

a successful reality

Bright Path Innovation philosophy is rooted in solid work with real innovators. We have worked with governmental organisations, private large companies, SME's, independent consultants and universities, alongside non-for profit organisations such as the Strategic Management Forum.

Below, you can have a look at the ways in which we can collaborate with you to make your innovation efforts, profitable.


Assess your innovative condition

How ready are you?

The first step to improve anything is self awareness. 


What we help you to assess is basically your culture, your processes, and your real intentions to innovate (innovation aversion).


It is an important element on the journey. It can take a couple of weeks, depending on your ambition and resources, as it always happens. 


We help you to assess your condition through a tailored -previously agreed with you - analysis. No surprises approach :-)


Determine where can you point at and where you want to be. Overview - of high level aspirations

Together with you, we will understand where you can aim towards. This depending on how much is your company willing to put into the innovation pursuit.


Once you know how ready people are? What's the understaning of the board of directors?  we can then learn what would it be needed to reach overall goals.


The thing here is to remian realistic, but not pesimistic.

We will match your organisational power with the market and industry trends out there. 


We will thrive for clarity, consensus, and cooperation within your company so that frustration is erased from your vocabulary.


The Hi-board and its 'innovative 7' paired with The Market's Fit Plate will facilitate our efforts. 


As in all our collaborations with partners and clients, we wont start anything until you have built with us the road to walk. 


Trace the path toward your aims, and shed light into the way

Detailed plan - step by step workplan

Now we are ready to make things happen for a particular goal you might have commited to.


Set the right team, get them ready and motivated, establish the responsibilities, give them the right tools and get them on the way.


Here, each idea will be scrutinised further with tools such as the Consumer Needs Diamond, The New Twisted Product Lifecycle and the Reverse Thinking Process.


Project management comes in, but led by the result of the Hi-Board which will set the requirements for each good idea, making things much clearer for everyone.


Your team will work hard, but motivated by a sense of reality, relevance and fruitful progress.


We will thrive for corporate learning, collaboration and effectiveness


For more immediate issues, we can assist you with:


Idea and concept exploration

     Remote conversations by the hour. (skype,

     google hang outs etc.)  


Meeting Facilitation around innovation

     On-site or away            


Keynote Speaking to your collaborators

    45 to 75 minutes long


Workshops tailored for your specific needs

     1 or two days around a topic of your selection