An Expected -real- Solution

We have been there.


How many times has it happened to you that a great concept you really believe in as a big opportunity for your company, has been halted by the board, just because of a lack of clarity about the company's capability to make it happen? 


It's all about the need of a simple but robust system to visualise possibilities in such a way, that all members of a diverse team understand what a new project means for the whole company.


So we developed one. It comprises The Hi-Board, which is complemented by The Markets' Fit Plate and The New Twisted Product Lifecycle. There is also the Customer's Needs Diamond.


BPI proposes a mindset for innovators and decision makers to think differently about the possibilities, requirements, and future of their novelty projects.


The benefits

Business Interactions

There are a lot of things involved in the innovation process, and this makes the endeavour to look really intimidating. 


Innovate faster, more profitably, and with less organisational conflict. Improve your revenue and the relevance of what you offer to customers living amazing lives.


  1. Define a visual and clear picture of your innovative ideas objective.

    1. Map a defined 'successful ending' and a set of all what you'd need in order to accomplish it. 

  2. Communicate effortless with your diverse team. This prepares the organisation for required 'actionable' change.

  3. Compare project against project to build your portfolio

  4. Inlcude external aspects to the crucial internal issues of trying to innovate. 

  5. Pull everyone in the organisation into the right mindset and optimal mood.


TRAINING. Experience our workshops to master the tools of BPI. Live the philosophy and enlighten your team's paths with your expertise. Join our troop of certified "innovative light shedders" and facilitate your own workshops.

CONSULTING. Engage us in any of your innovation efforts. We can support your attempts in developing novelty, facilitate productive innovation-related meetings and define & implement a long term innovation programme for your company.

LICENCE. Jump onto the opportunity and get our intellectual property at your service. License our methodologies, case studies, tools materials and constant support so that you take all the advantages of our work and experience, for you and your clients.

Innovation consulting and training

Cesar Malacon

Brightness Conceptor 

With a mixed background, a blend of corporate experience, entrepreneurial vigor and top tier postgraduate academic qualifications, Cesar leveraged his international experience in many industries to develop an utterly practical concept around innovation.


Constantly in the quest of better ways to solve problems, his work consulting corporates and governments was polished up to the point of what is now BPI. A concept for 'innovation' people.


The most important aspect of this concept, is opennes and reachability. The aim is to build a purposeful community to foster more aproachable and realistic ways around novelty, so that our human nature as innovators, gets fully utilised. He is also a principal consultant for Applica Partners.

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